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I am hella aware that Twilight is not everyone's thing. That is completely valid and I accept you. 

However... it is a thing I love so dearly that I decided it was time to collaborate with another Twihard buddy of mine and make some Twilight inspired products. 

It is not my typical style of doing things, I usually come up with original illustrations and phrases and work from those, but this was FUN and 10/10 recommend stepping outside of your box sometimes. 

The beanies were Britt's idea but I got to letter the artwork for the embroidery. As for the stickers... those babies are 100% mine. I drew them on a whim (and in attempt to hone my portrait skills and honestly planned on doing nothing with them at first, and now look at me) We worked closely with each other on both of these and will probably come out with more things in the future GET EXCITED but as far as these right now... I am thrilled with them. I even went viral on tiktok because of Charlie <3 

Britt has some more Twilight inspired items in her shop, including enamel pins and brand new Catherine Hardwicke inspired keychains. I would go into detail, but these babies deserve for you to experience them so please go look. You can purchase the beanies in both of our shops for a limited time and the stickers are usually stocked in mine but occassionaly she will pop some in her shop as well. What I'm saying is... you should follow and support us both because we make incredible things. 

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