Youtube + Crybaby


I decided to start a YouTube channel and I have officially posted my first vlog 

I also posted a flip through of our new planners!
Side note, can you tell I am having fun with creating the thumbnail art? 

I wanted to start a YouTube for several reasons both big and small. 
Some of the small reasons include spite, because my kids don't think I'm cool enough for YouTube and the joy of being able to unironically say "welcome to my channel!"
The big reasons are to hopefully better connect with you, to offer a more in depth look at my art, my business and myself and ultimately, just push myself to learn a new platform and medium.

I love to learn, to try new things, to test the waters. It felt like the right time, so here I am, going for it. 

My first vlog is just a little intro video talking about who I am, what my brand is and what you can hope to see whenever you pop by my channel. I hope you'll watch and enjoy. Please leave feedback in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe! 

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