Hi, I am Natalie Meagan. I am an illustrator, letterer + founder of the brand, The Crybaby Club. I have created art my entire life but I really started sharing it with the world via Instagram in 2015. The response I got was so overwhelmingly supportive that it motivated me to make more, share more, do more. 

In the shop you will find hand lettered phrases that usually center around self-love or mental health awareness, original artwork, digital illustrations + lots of pink available as enamel pins, stickers, stationary, apparel, mugs + more. 

On the blog you will find stories of mental health, insights into small business, advice, creative resources, the occasional giveaway, personal writing pieces, self care tips along with guest posts + things that bring me joy. 

Let's not forget about The Crybaby Podcast. This is the newest endeavor of mine and I am wanting to really lean in over the next year. You can stream our show on Apple, Spotify, Google and Amazon. You can also see a blog highlight reel of our past episodes complete with embed media players right here!

I started this brand/community in hopes of talking about my struggles with mental health, sharing my art + cultivating a virtual space for like minded, like hearted people to connect with each other + feel seen. I feel like I have done that + more. 

I really am glad you're here. 

To learn more about The Crybaby Club, I recommend checking out our Instagram to see what we're all about. If you still have questions, you can read our F.A.Q. or just shoot me an email + I will do my best to help you out. 

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